Why this founder left the VC world to help tech companies fix their people problems

Ask a thriving tech company what the secret to their success is and the first thing you’d hear is “our people.” That’s a bit ironic, as the industry writ-large is known for having people problems. At the end of the day, tech companies often struggle to recruit and retain their employees.

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Brainchild Collective

The Brainchild Collective is a Chicago-based non-profit that brings arts and entrepreneurship education to Chicago schools to help students build social-emotional skills in a holistic way. As the company grew, it was experiencing a shift in their team, and they wanted to anchor new employees in a consistent, efficient meetings flow.

Elevating an Affinity Group

Our client invested time and energy into a successful and productive diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) grassroots initiative within the organization. As this group of DEIB team members came together for planning in the new year, they determined they needed assistance in prioritizing their DEIB initiatives for 2020.

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