Who We Are

Our Ethos

We truly believe in people. They drive innovation, create change, and move the world forward. It’s this deep-rooted belief in others that drives our work and grounds our values.

Our Approach


We see the genius in others and strive to learn from it. We adopt a “scout mindset” and choose finding the right answer over being right. We accept and own our mistakes. We value questions and probes. We don’t ask “Am I good?” but instead “Am I learning?” We are more focused on becoming better than being the best.


Every action we take has a clear motivation. We are methodical and evidence-based. We always know the “why” behind everything we do. Consequently, we are the ultimate adapters – nimble, agile, and open-minded with an ever-present willingness to zig and zag to meet our “why” and adjust to new circumstances.


We do the work for its own sake. We hone our crafts and strive to know them comprehensively. We only send work into the world that makes us proud. We see the big picture as completely as the smallest details.

Expedition Behavior

Ethos’s goals and mission come first. We are masters of our domains, but those domains are interconnected, and so are we. We show as much concern for others – if not more so – as we do ourselves, both in our professional and personal interactions.


We fill each of our days with things we love, focusing on what lights us up and gives us purpose. We laugh, smile, and find time to enjoy our interactions, opportunities, and each other. We celebrate our victories.

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