Synthesis of Company and Individual Learning


When AGA came to Ethos, the company and culture were thriving, powered by enthusiastic, hardworking employees. As their team grew, however, individuals encountered struggles dealing with stress and professional development; the young team was working hard, but unsure how to enter the next phase of their career growth.

After analysis, we discovered many of these struggles were rooted in the problem of client demand; as consultants, these employees were responsible for the client first – no matter what. However, that desire to please clients sometimes came at the expense of their personal needs and the business needs of AGA.

Ethos was asked to come into AGA and help the organization find ways to help the team find balance, growth, and career direction despite the urgent needs of their client base.


The goal of our work was largely empowerment, helping AGA employees explore talent development opportunities, self-manage their own career progression, and educate employees on areas that support their holistic development.

Our overall goal was to help employees feel better about their work as well as help the organization transform its culture into one of ownership and innovation.

Ethos Approach

Ethos immediately went to work, launching two, company-wide programs on emotional intelligence and professional development. To help infuse these learnings into the culture, we also offered a half day of office hours once a month for employees to have time to meet with us, as career coaches, to talk though key problems, opportunities, and issues with their career progression.

Over time, the relationship developed so that we could bring new training to bring the organization based on trends discovered during office hours meetings. These included sessions on stress management, feedback, and coaching. The close engagement with the employees and leaders in the organization allowed us to build hyper-relevant content, examples, and exercises to target latent and emerging issues in the organization.




By working so closely with AGA and merging office hours and training, we were able to help the team confront their key issues with career growth and client management. Our ongoing relationship continues to benefit the company, offering one-on-one support and company-wide skill acquisition across fundamental soft skills and management techniques.

Interested in leveraging Ethos to help your teams build skills through training and office hours? Reach out to [email protected] for more information on how we can transform your organization.

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